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FB Messenger. Effective marketing tool

  • There has been a massive growth in the usage of Facebook Messenger around the world and it is predicted to rise.
  • The open rate for Facebook Messenger is much higher than the open rate of emails

Among consumers


are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly


like getting personalized messages from businesses


prefer direct messaging to calling customer service

So how do you use Facebook messenger to engage your consumers and compel them to take action?

The simple answer is by the use of Chat bots.

What can a chat bot do?

Respond to natural language text in a humanlike manner.
Establish friendly informal conversation atmosphere.

Connect consumers with business owners thereby enhancing easy communication and effective interaction at cost effective price.

Gather customers’ information.
Send notifications.
Deliver personalized content and more.

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We believe targeted, relevant conversations are highly effective in engaging mobile users.

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