Messenger Highlights from F8 2017

Over the the span of two days, more than 4,000 attendees filled San Jose McEnery Convention Center to explore the largest F8 ever. And Messenger was in the thick of the excitement.

As David Marcus shared his keynote, our engineers in the F8 Launch Room debuted Messenger Platform 2.0 a new suite of tools for developers.

We also hosted four breakout sessions which provided in-depth content about our products:

And shoulder to shoulder tutorials at our Messenger booth:

Our Messenger F8 Bot, supplied session subscriptions, connected attendees with one another, and engaged them with giveaways and easter eggs.

And we launched our brand new Messenger Platform website and blog :, sharing success stories, product launches, and documentation about our latest releases.

Here’s more of our F8 highlights:

Boost your Business with Messenger Session

Led by Product Managers Allison Swope and Kemal El Moujahid, this session discussed the successes of bots through the customer funnel, and shared how new Messenger 2.0 features will improve the customer experience and lead to growth for your business.

Highlights included:

  • Improve discovery of your bot with the new Discover tab
  • Introducing the Smart Replies for Pages API to easily respond to the most frequently asked questions, like business hours or directions to your business
  • Increase awareness and sharing of your bot with Chat extensions, allowing multiple users to interact with your bot in their already active chat session
  • Create multiple parametric codes for your bot so you can create more custom discovery experiences
  • Share how M suggestions, will make it easier for consumers to discover bots in context of their conversation. For example, M-triggered conversations recognizes keywords when people are talking about getting something to eat and offer them the ability to get food through

If you missed it, you can watch the recorded session here.

Build a Great Bot Session

Engineering Managers Helen Tsang and Mikhail Larionov led our Build a Great Bot session. The 20 minute deep dive introduced developers to our new Discover section, shared new features such as Chat Extensions, and focused on how to build engaging and effective bots with our Messenger platform.

This session also covered some of the our most requested topics from developers, including:

  • GUI vs conversational interfaces
  • What makes a good bot menu
  • How to integrate payment functionality seamlessly
  • How to drive organic discovery of our bots
  • Good tactics to re-engage existing or lapsing audiences

If you missed it, you can watch the recorded session here.

Let’s Chat About Bots

Messenger Partner Manager, Angelique Kamara, led a dynamic discussion between leading bot builders and business innovators:

  • Chema Alonso, Chief Data Officer for Telefonica
  • Anastastia Sartan, CEO of Epytom Stylist
  • Felipe Bernal, Head of Product Innovation at Movile (Chatclub)
  • Hussein Fazal, Co-Founder and CEO of SnapTravel

They discussed and debated strategies of how to build and grow a successful bot. Topics included the future of innovation on the Messenger Platform, tactical advice around user acquisition, and prioritizing re-engagement and retention based on the focus of your particular audience and business.

What’s Next For Instant Games Session

Ready for even more fun with Instant Games on Messenger? Leo Olebe, Director of Game Partnerships and Ray Guang, Software Engineer spoke to a packed house, sharing new platform features and APIs that lifts Instant Games to a whole new level. Leo also chatted with Michael Carter, Co-Founder of Blackstorm, to discuss their experiences building on the Instant Games platform.

The session introduced the new Games section in Messenger and shared the new suite of APIs for developers to enable richer gameplay. By using Connect Player, Choose Context, Sharing, and Customized APIs, developers can now build a variety of games that:

  • Weave in leaderboards and tournaments
  • Add players via threads
  • Create meaningful re-engagement stories with Game Bots
  • Add visually engaging and customizable game messages and CTA buttons

If you missed it, you can watch the recorded session here.

And finally….

Carnegie Mellon University Africa Bot Party Winners connect with Messenger

We were excited to spend time with the Champions of CMU-Africa Kigali bot competition at our Messenger booth. Stan Chudnovsky, Vice President Messenger Products, Raymond Andres, Vice President of Engineering and Yoram Talmor, Director of Engineering guided Lenah ChaCha, Aimable Rwema, Joshua Ocero, and Davy Uwizera through our latest suite of tools for their winning bots:

  • BiasharaBot enables merchants to catalogue inventory and connect with buyers.
  • FARMBOT connects farmers and buyers and dynamically prices produce based on demand.

Way to go Lenah, Aimable, Joshua, and Davy!

Thanks to all attendees for making F8 2017 a memorable event!


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