F8 2018: David Marcus’ Keynote

David Marcus presented a keynote session at F8 2018 and we wanted to share his keynote address. Below is a summary and the full recorded video of the keynote:

Keynote Summary

The Messenger Platform wouldn’t be where it is today without 200K developers actively building experiences and forging connections with the 1.3 billion people who use Messenger each month. To date, there are over 300K active bots on Messenger, and over 8 billion messages are exchanged between people and businesses each month. Onstage we announced that we’re releasing new products that represent the evolution of messaging today including:

  • AR for the Messenger Platform: Today we’re launching (in closed beta) a new functionality that will give brands the ability to leverage Camera Effects Platform to easily integrate AR into their Messenger experiences. From 2D frames to AR, brands will now be able to integrate a full spectrum of branded AR effects to delight and engage their customers on Messenger in new and effective ways.
  • M Translations: When people receive a message in a language that is different from the default language they have selected in Messenger, M will ask them if they want to translate the message. M Translations will initially translate from English to Spanish (and vice-versa) and be available in Facebook Marketplace and enabled to be used between buyers and sellers in the United States.

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