Chatbot Design — Comparing Integrations and Cross Platform features for both Flowxo and Chatfuel


I am on a Slack channel for Startups in Perth and was prompted to write a blog comparing the feature sets for different Chatbot Development Platforms. I realised that the the members of the channel would be looking for the complex “machine learning” features. The calibre of some of the members is “high tech” and they would of wanted to know more about the AI capabilities. (So I assume)

I have not researched enough or been hands on to be able to comment on platforms like IBM Watson or even Facebook’s own ParlAI .
Please do continue reading if you are interested in a comparison of two important features for the two of the platforms that I use or have used to build Chatbots. I have noticed that Chatfuel is well known in the Tech circles in Perth. Not so well know is Flowxo. So I figured why not compare these two platforms. My purpose here is to bring awareness of some key differences and the strength of Flowxo as opposed to Chatfuel.


Flowxo is extremely strong in the area of integration with over 100 integrations. They are easy to implement with direct access to a third party platform. For example if you want to add a row to a Google sheet, you simply setup your Google Sheet beforehand and then within Flowxo you name the sheet you want to use. Flowxo will then automatically list all the columns in the Sheet that you can use to add data to. Very straightforward. Flowxo is the “Zapier” for Chatbots. See Using Google Sheets in Flowxo

To achieve the same end result using Chatfuel you need to use Zapier or ITTT to connect Chatfuel to Google Sheets. See How to integrate Chatfuel for Facebook with Google Sheets. The end result is the same however it turns out to be a little more work. So if you choose Chatfuel for some feature that another platform does not offer, you may still want to consider Chatfuel when intergrating with third party apps.

Cross platform design

Flow XO was designed from the start to be multiplatform and we work hard to ensure that everything is made as standardised as possible across all platforms without requiring the user to duplicate their own time and effort in building bots. — Karen Barker, Flowxo.

It is pretty straightforward to setup a Facebook Messenger Chatbot on Chatfuel. I have not tried to build a Telegram Chatbot as I am not a Telegram user and I have not been asked to develop one for this platform. I am making an assumption here, that although Chatfuel caters for both Facebook Messenger and also Telegram, it does require separate development. My Google research results found users asking about “cloning”. It did not appear to be an option.

Flowxo, as far as I am aware, is the ONLY platform where developers can “build once, deploy many”. As well as deploying on Telegram, Slack or even SMS, developers can include the chatbot as an Embeddable widget and web messenger. I have used the Flowxo Widget on my site at


I have read many blogs titled similar to 10 Best Chatbot Platforms to Use and do not always find Flowxo on the list. It astounds me as to how it could be missed or deliberately not included in the top ten.

Although this article is biased towards Flowxo in the features I have highlighted, I do enjoy working on both platforms. I would just choose which platform to use based on the desired outcome or purpose of the Chatbot. I feel the need to share with the community these awesome features discussed above.

Now I am in the business of providing Chatbots to business, and I realise that I am so focussed on building Chatbots — my passion, whereas I should be talking to business owners. What a business owner can get out of this article is, that when deciding on implementing a Chatbot, do your research and know what the “core purpose” is for the Chatbot. This will help you and the developer to choose which platform to use.

Please leave comments below. If you are aware of a CLONE feature for Chatfuel, please let me know.


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