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When Samsung Mobile USA wanted a new, personalized way to interact with their customers they built a bot for Messenger. With a Facebook following of over 25 million people, Samsung needed a way to reach a lot of different people with personalized information and help, as well as engaging content, device education and information on getting the best deals. They developed a bot with a unique personality that delivers their customers the right information and content at the right time.

We recently caught up with the team at Samsung to learn more.

1. In 100 words or less describe your bot does.

The Samsung Mobile USA bot for Messenger is a unique experience that changes how users interact with their mobile devices. We offer personalized device education, content that speaks to our audience’s passions, and a one-stop shop for the best deals. By making genuinely useful information accessible to users at any time of the day or night, we have elevated our ability to make an immediate impact on our consumers.

2. What technologies/tools were used to build the bot?

We designed, tested, and iterated on a wide range of rich and engaging user experiences. We are pushing innovation and enabling inexperienced users to explore and learn about Samsung products, and communicate at scale.

3. What Messenger platform features do you leverage for the bot?

Our bot exemplifies conversational design enhanced by visual elements. We use pre-populated conversation buttons to encourage users through a web of content by sequencing relevant topics together. We use carousels, videos, and GIFs to display content and guide users with contextual information. Our method ensures they see the value of each feature, offer, or recommendation.

4. How was your experience designing and building your bot? What did you learn? Was there anything you learned that you didn’t expect?

We designed the bot to feel effortless, yet delightful and engaging, which isn’t an easy task when you want to deliver on a complex experience.

We learned about developing a successful UX that presented content to users at appropriate times. We also needed to develop a personality that fit our brand voice without being distracting. Rolling out the content in phases was a chance for us to learn from observing the bot “in the wild” and improve the experience as it grew.

5. Who are you trying to reach and why is a bot the right way to reach them?

In short: everyone. With a Facebook following of over 25M, our audience is incredibly diverse with varying interests and needs. Creating the bot gives us an on-demand resource that every Samsung user can turn to when they need help or inspiration, something that every mobile device user wants from their brand.

6. How is building a bot different from a traditional mobile app?

Building a bot was a natural move for Samsung. The UX leverages existing mobile consumer behavior – an area we know well. It’s a testing ground for innovative content where we can monitor how users engage.

It also brings up unique design considerations; you need to anticipate user interaction models in a new way. Users engaging with a mobile app want to control the experience; to move at their own pace with accuracy. Users who chat with a bot want a more engaged experience; they’re interested in being led to and through content. With a mobile app, the user is interacting with and assessing their feelings based on visual aesthetics, tone of copy, and efficiency of UI. In a bot, the focus is on its personality, which is a great design opportunity.

7. What is your favorite feature of your bot? Why?

The best feature of our bot is the personalized onboarding experience because it’s practical and legitimately useful. We solved one of the worst parts about getting a new phone: the growing pains. Users have an array of how-tos where they can choose how they learn – watch a video or get walked through step by step – so they can absorb information at their own pace. It’s a key element to making sure they love their phone.

On a personality level, we love the Easter eggs. We spent a lot of time trying to anticipate how users would troll us and coming up with (appropriate) clapbacks. No spoilers – you’ll have to find them for yourself.

8. What metric did the bot fulfill for you: awareness? Engagement? Retention?

Engagement. We’re in this to support our users and earn their loyalty so they keep coming back.

9. What are the methods of bot discovery that you are using that have been effective?

We use the best combination of pathways – targeted Messenger Newsfeed ads showcasing the best content, the Discovery section which has dramatically increased our traffic, and CRM emails that place users into specific areas of the experience.

10. What will you build next?

We’re going to bring users content that feels even more personalized. Localization is going to be a priority so we can offer experiences designed for where users are. We want to be able to get a user in NYC or San Francisco, or anywhere in between, information that resonates and matters to them most.

11. Why Messenger?

Ease of access for our consumers (plus a Facebook following of 25M) made it a no-brainer. It provides always-on accessibility for users seeking answers and information with an interface they already know, trust, and use.

Our Building Bots for Messenger series highlights different experiences on the Messenger platform. These businesses and developers have approached building their bots in a unique and interesting way, and are seeing success on the Messenger platform. Look for more bot profiles right here on the Messenger blog.


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