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on Why you should market your business on Facebook Messenger

Hi, My name is Hilton Davidow.
I am part of a group of “new opportunity” digital marketers that you have probably never heard of before.
We don’t rely on email campaigns, Landing Pages and Opt-in forms. There is certainly still place for these and we do use them, but we don’t rely on them.

We have new systems and services and things that we know that can change the way you market your business. We are the early adopters of a Megatrend in Digital Marketing using Facebook Messenger.
We do things differently, we do it smarter without expensive email service providers (ESP’s).
We believe that meaningful deeper conversations are highly effective in engaging mobile users.

If you ask a seasoned Digital Marketer, they will tell you that what we are doing is unheard of. Yes, it is happening, every single day. Businesses are achieving OPEN RATES in Messenger in excess of 90% with CTR’s of 60% and above. It is happening through the art and science of “conversational marketing” using what we call iCAR’s (Intelligent Conversational Autoresponders) aka chatbots.
We build iCARS – the vehicle to drive your business forward.

Did you know that over 95% of messages sent to Facebook business pages go unanswered? This means the majority of people who want more information about your business are not getting the answers they’re looking for.Chatbots change this by instantly replying to 100% of the people sending you questions, which translates into happier customers, more potential to build relationships, and increased sales over time.


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