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“We help business increase revenue and gain customer loyalty by leveraging mobile app and chatbot technology”


Appreneur was founded in March 2012. Two friends met at a reunion on the Island of Curacao, Dutch West Indies. They realised that with the internet they could work together on mobile app projects even though Lisa Crawford was based in Toronto Canada and Hilton Davidow was based in Perth Australia. Initially the business model was to develop a variety of mobile apps for publishing on the App and Play stores.

Over time, as “build it yourself” software became readily available, the business pivoted to providing small business access to these amazing tools as well as offering a service to develop mobile apps and chatbots.

Hilton Davidow

Lisa Crawford




We believe targeted, relevant conversations are highly effective in engaging customers and result in customer loyalty.


If you are the kind of person that likes to have total control over mobile engagement with your customers, boy, do we have a product for you! We get to offer you a suite of platforms for building Mobile Apps and Chatbots.


We just happen to build iCARS,  intelligent Conversational Auto Responders aka Chatbots that:

  • deliver automated customer support
  • engage users in conversational commerce
  • provide rich content and interactive experiences
  • remarket users through automated message sequences

Our “Build it Yourself” tools provide a fast, cost-effective solution for your business or startup.

We realise that as a business owner, you may not have the time or resources available to do it yourself. Talk to us about our “build it for you” options where we may use alternative third-party development platforms.

If you would like to explore the opportunities in marketing on Facebook Messenger with an iCAR, the vehicle that moves your business forward, just text “Talk to a Human” or “Leave a message” with our Chatbot for more information.

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